Maxim Gots Ph.D., P.Eng.

771 Upper Horning Rd., Hamilton, Ontario, L9C 7R3, Canada     

tel:+1 (905) 385 6455     cell:+1 (905) 906 GOTS (4687) 

Mechanical Engineering, Structural Analysis, Regulatory Compliance, and Project Management.

Professional registration:    


Professional Licensed Engineer (P.Eng.) - Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO)


09/2006 - Present

Engineering Manager

Skyjack Inc. (a Linamar company) 

Risk assessment. 

Member of management team for multiple new product development projects.

Supervised structural analysis using FEA software Cosmos Works, FEMAP, NASTRAN, FEDEM; fatigue life analysis; designed structural cycle test benches; inspected various structures; analyzed failure modes.

Supervised structural and stability calculations; stability analysis using Working Model, 4D NASTRAN, Cosmos Motion, and FEDEM.

Supervised computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analysis (3D) using FLUENT and CF Design (wind loading, fluid tank optimization, validation of cooling system air recirculation).

Participated in design competition of Suncatcher components for Stirling Energy Systems. Provided full final design validation.

Developed heavy duty testing facilities, test grounds, and heavy testing equipment (e.g. towing dyno).

Managed engineering group responsible for test and validation developing test approach, method, procedures for performance validation (e.g. drawbar), noise and vibration harshness (NVH), thermal (e.g. air-to-boil), environmental (EMC, EPA compliance), energy consumption (e.g. battery discharge), and regulatory testing.

Investigation of human factor: Injection hazard on boom and scissors type mobile elevation platforms; Fall arrest stability; Manual forces evaluation (collaboration with NIOSH).

Directed CE, AS (Australia), KC (Korea), EE and DS (hazarders location) and others certification projects.

05/2002 - 09/2006

Test and Compliance Engineer

Skyjack Inc. (a Linamar company) 

Responsible for regulatory compliance, performance validation and reliability of new products.

Regulatory stability testing of mobile elevating platforms and telehandlers (ANSI, CSA, EN, ISO, and AS standards). Stability analysis and calculations using MathCAD.

Structural analysis using ANSYS and CosmosWorks; structural testing (cycle benches, strain gauges); structural calculations using LRFD and ASD methods.

Testing of hydraulic, electrical, electronic, and pneumatic components using various sensors, NI SCXI and Somat DAQ systems (DAQ), LabVIEW, InField, GlyphWork DAQ and date processing software. 

Design of testing equipment and structures (SolidWorks). PLC programming.

Participated in product liability litigations.

Welds design evaluation, identification of critical welds. Support of CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) certification of the Company and welding procedures (WPDS) approval; Supervision of the welding inspector; Validation of vendors compliance with CWB or AWS requirements.

Conducted CE, AS (Australia), EE (hazarders location) and others certification projects.

08/2001 - 05/2002

Senior Design Engineer

Trylon TSF 

Design (AutoCAD) and analysis of communication towers including knock down and all weld self support (up to 330-ft), guyed (up to 450-ft) and monopoles (up to 180-ft) using FEA software LARSA and calculations to various national standards and Building codes.

Analysis of towers and monopoles elements using FEA DesignSpace (ANSYS).

Investigated vortex shedding effect on monopoles. Flow analysis (2D) using CDF part of ALGOR.

Design of antennae attachments and fall arrest devices (SolidWorks).

06/1998 - 08/2001


Pappi Lighting  

Design of aluminum extruded structures (AutoCAD). 

Analysis of structural supports for sign and luminaries to AASHTO Spec., Aluminum Association Spec., and Building codes. Analysis of components strength using FEA NASTRAN.

Analysis of wind loading (2D) on the luminaries and structures using CFD part of ALGOR.

Design of reflectors and analysis of the light distribution using lighting software Photopia and Lithonia Visual.

Design of permanent molds for cast aluminum parts; tooling for luminaries housing assembly, punch dies. CNC milling machine programming using MasterCAM; G-codes correction.

08/1998 - 08/2009

Engineering Manager (Partner)

AM Technologies  

Design of rod positioner for drilling rigs (Foremost, Calgary, Alberta).

Design of dump containers (Hassco, London, Ontario).

Reinforcement design, structural analysis (CMAA Specification 74), testing and certification of jib crane (Hassco, London, Ontario).

Design and prototype building of low profile carousel cart for 500lb containers (Siemens, London, Ontario).

Barge loading operation using latticed beam crawler crane (Jindal USA, Baytown, Texas).

Arch bridge erection technique using two Manitowoc cranes (Mostobud, Kiev, Ukraine) including participation in testing of Manitowoc 16000 with capacity enhancement attachment MAX-R ((Manitowoc, Wisconsin).

Design and manufacturing supervision of double head miter saws (3 configurations) 22" blade for aluminum. Configurations: 90 to table, 90 to fence; 90 to table, 45 to fence; and 45 to table, 90 to fence (Pappi Lighting, Mississauga, Ontario). 

Technical proposal for development of ecologically clean diesel engine.

Technical proposal, concept design, and production line concept (fabrication and assembly) for UTV production.

01/1994 - 05/1998

Project Manager

Yoram Gadish Engineering Ltd. 

Project management of large infrastructure projects (bridges and cut-and-cover tunnels).

Responsible for decision making, problem solving, coordination between architect, structural engineer, and various consultants.

Responsible for contractor supervision, scheduling, estimating, ad hoc design, choice of construction equipment and techniques, and for continues improvement process (ISO 9002). 

Supervision of project engineers and inspectors.

Communication with local government and agencies (Electrical company, Bezek telephone company, Police traffic department etc.).

Main projects (all in Jerusalem, Israel): Tzomet Bait junction ($75M), Bait Zafafa bridge ($23M), Gan Saker tunnel ($6M), walk bridge of Supreme Court (suspended).

09/1995 - 05/1998

Engineer (contract)

Gaffni Steel Works Ind.  +972 (3) 936 3598

Design and analysis of power house hip roof and stairs (Magpro Inc, Dead Sea, Israel).

Design and analysis of custom overhead erection crane for reconstruction works of the high-rise building  (Moriah Hotel, Tel-Aviv, Israel).

Structural analysis of exotic sculpture (Shopping mall Ramat Aviv, Tel-Aviv, Israel).

Technical proposal and preliminary design and analysis of crane for TT bridge segments (66 tonn) erection (Wadi Faran bridge).

Heavy duty temporary supports on the top of the piers for the bridge beams erection (Northern Gate project, Jerusalem, Israel)

Design and analysis of mezzanines, roofs (spherical, conical, hip), stair cases, and formworks.

01/1992 - 12/1993


Tefen Plastic Production 1990 Ltd. 

Supervised production (extrusion) of nylon, polyethylene, and PVC tubing.

Supervised production (mold injection) of nylon, polyethylene, and polypropylene fittings.

Organizing final product handling and storage, plastics recycling and handling (as bulk material).

Emergency maintenance and repair of water and compressed air supply.

Setting of extruders and injection machines. 

Quality control ISO 9000

12/1990 - 08/1991

Senior Design Engineer


Directed design of: 

Erection crane for T Beams(33m);

Production line for precast concrete bridge TT segments including heavy duty positioners (redevelopment);

Equipment for concrete piles production including rebar cage forming machine and cassette formwork;

Concrete placer/ spreader for bridge deck paving.

Structure analysis of mobile ready mix concrete plant using FEA software Lira

12/1988 - 11/1990

Director of Design Group

Kiev Civil Engineering Institute 

Directed design and analysis of support structures for coal-handling conveyors system ( Berezovsky open pit mine, Kansk - Achinsk, Russia).

Developed concept and directed design of sand handling system including barge unloader (river port, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine) 

02/1987 - 09/1987

Geologist (Expedition to the Pacific during doctorate course)

Yuzhmorgeologiya  (member of Inter Ocean Metal )

Offshore testing of research and soil sampling equipment (designed and developed equipment prior to expedition in the framework of the grant). 

Seabed soil sampling and measure of the soil geotechnical properties.

Investigation of soil resistance to the cutting by blade rake as function of soil cohesion and geometry of the blade's teeth. Regression analysis on the results.   

07/1982 - 11/1985

Research associate

Kiev Civil Engineering Institute 

Participated in R&D grant for dynamic analysis of big bucket wheel excavator ERShRD 5250 interacting with the soil that consist of rigid inclusions (dolomite boulders). Participated in instrumentation and strain measurements on existing working excavator ERShR 5000. Data processing to determinate loading cycles.

Design and testing of earthmoving attachment to the existing bucket wheel trencher for use on the on the gold field. 

09/1976 - 07/1982

Designer (excluding 11/1976 - 11/1978 military service)


Design of various equipment for bridges construction.

Participated in projects: Suspended bridge over r. Daugava (Riga, Latvia); Bridge over r. Dnestr (Benderi , Moldova); Rose Valley Viaduct (Kishinev, Moldova); Bridge over r. Dnepr, TT segments (Kherson, Ukraine); Bridge over r. Dnepr (Karachi, Ukraine).  



Ph.D. (Engineering)

12/1985 - 12/1988


Kiev Civil Engineering Institute 

Thesis "Optimization of Deepwater Mining  ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle)"

09/1975 - 06/1983

B.Sc./ M.Sc. (Mechanical Engineering)    (excluding 11/1976 - 11/1978 military service)

Kiev Civil Engineering Institute

All degrees are recognized by University of Toronto (06/1998)